A downloadable game

Measure up against your ensemble to find out who can master the downbeat in this upbeat twin-stick action game!

Beat 'Em is all about moving to the groove and competing for the most points!

Fast-paced, competitive gameplay
 Original synthwave tracks
3 Game Modes
          - Easy Mode for beginners (2-4 Players)
          - Pro Mode for masters (2-4 Players)
          - Training Mode for practice (1-4 Players)
2 unique Arenas to battle in
Xbox and PS4 Controller Compatibility (Controllers Required!)
Supports 1 - 4 players

*Note: Currently, the only supported resolution is 1920x1080*
Recent gameplay video: https://youtu.be/eDN49-ZmbPM

Beat 'Em was started as a college project in the Spring of 2018 by Léo Melendez and Shawn Urban. 

Shawn Urban - Lead Designer, Artist, Programmer  https://contourgames.net/

Léo Melendez - Lead Programmer, Designer, Composer https://www.jokesterdev.net/

We showcased Beat 'Em at BostonFIG Fest in 2018 and at RPI's GameFest in 2018 & 2019

As seniors, we set out to work on the game and publish it. Beat 'Em is still currently in development; we have a lot of great ideas we want to keep working on, so stay tuned!